I used to play at Pirates,
And sailed the seven seas.
Then I was a cowboy,
These simple things did me please.

I had a vivid imagination,
Adventure was always on my mind.
I discovered the joys of reading,
And escaped the daily grind.

Once I lived with the Eskimos,
In the land of ice and snow,
Went hunting and a fishing,
My fantasy was all aglow.

I read a book of Jules Verne,
And went off to the moon,
It was just to take a look,
Then it was time to return.

I spent time in the forests of Africa,
With Dr. Livingstone as my guide,
Then off again to America,
With Huckleberry Finn I did hide.

In my world of fantasy and imagination,
I performed such wonderful deeds.
A Hero of all the Nations,
I was the one that did succeed.

Then I grew up my childish world at an end.
I had become serious it nearly drove me around the bend.
I still do like the mysterious,
This is the message I am trying to send.

Bernard Shaw

Beyond what we believe there’s the endless land of imagination. This Earth where we live is a unique territory for everyone: we made up with our dreams and our fears. We create it every day, every single moment of our life, breathe by breathe.

Through the power of imagination we can guess… and wonder. We found new lands and built streets to connect, we drew maps, we continue to explore and go, day by day little steps.

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