Sunday morning of late springtime



Wake up with the sun and start the day walking… Because in the silence of the morning I refresh my thoughts feeling the energy I need to face joys and difficulties of every day life.

A Simple Strategy Of Wellness… And Happiness

Walking 30 minutes at least 3 times a week is suggested by WHO World Health Organization, because it’s a natural way to prevent cardiovascular disease, keep levels of triglycerides and blood pressure under control, preserve brain function. But a morning walk is inspiration, too: awareness, mental clarity and a deep calm that flows like the sound of a river.


Appennino Tosco-Emiliano countryside

Red poppies and hay bales, a field apparently without end. The scent of flowers. We are living in Italy in a small village in the mountains of Appennino Modenese, one hour and half from the city of Modena. After a great winter of snow now my thirsty skin wants the touch of the sun. What do you need today? What do you need right now? I look for Time, because be always in a hurry becomes our habit. I look for silence and quiet, in the world and in my mind, too. I look for happiness, surprise, joy, consciousness.

What Are My Priorities, Really?

I don’t want to look for, I just want to find.

I don’t want to see what I need, I want to focus what is here.

I want to be thankful, open my door to the universe, let the inspiration come.

I don’t know how. What I know is that I want to discover the potential in my feeling and play with life. We will do that, we can do it.

Just feel freshness and breathe. I take a deep breathe in this sweet sunny Sunday morning of late springtime. Nothing to do, nothing that I have to be. Just live.

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